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Krav Maga Demo

Posted: July 6, 2011 in Demo, Video

This is a pretty interesting Krav Maga demo; I thought I’d include it here.  There aren’t too many decent Krav Maga videos out there so when I find one halfway decent I can’t help but to share.

I wanted to share a fantastic demo that was filmed at the 2010 USMAF. It features the amazing Sensei Roy Elghanayan who is representing the Krav Maga style. Sensei Elghanayan is the awe-inspiring and deadly Krav Maga instructor you probably have seen on the Internet in a wildly popular video, throwing people around like rag dolls to a pretty annoying soundtrack (hint, turn your speakers down).

I liked this video below even more as it was much better footage but also showed the techniques more clearly and from multiple angles.

Thanks for the link, @kravlady