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Is Krav Maga Really for Everyone?

Posted: August 15, 2012 in Class, Older

Krav Maga started out in the early part of the last century as a military-style of combat specifically and deliberately suited for everyone capable of walking — young, old, fat, skinny, man, woman, whatever. It made sense and it was essential to the survival of Israel in a time of intense conflict with Palestine. Everyone was necessary to join the battle and no one was turned away — they couldn’t be! It worked and, you know what? Krav Maga came about in these circumstances, designed to be suitable for anyone willing to defend the country and all its people not only in a military sense but also from everyday anti-Semitic violence. That doesn’t mean everyone was fighting with the same effectiveness or fury, certainly athletic men in their prime were “out-damaging” young 80-pound girls. But that wasn’t the point. The point was that everyone needed to join the fight and no one could be turned away if they were in any way capable of defending their country and themselves in a very turbulent and violent time in history. (more…)

Where Am I Now?

Posted: August 11, 2012 in Technique

About a year ago I posted a list of techniques that I been taught by that point. I haven’t been keeping track with pen and paper since then (so this may be missing a lot) but what follows is an updated list for those keeping score.


  1. Left Straight Punch (jab)
  2. Cross-Body Punch (cross)
  3. Uppercut (left and right)
  4. Hammerfist to Side (with and without pushing/eyes closed)
  5. Forward Hammerfist
  6. Left Hook
  7. Spear jab
  8. Palm Strikes
  9. Bobbing and Weaving
  10. Focus Mitt Combos
  11. Advancing Punches
  12. Receding Punches (more…)