Where Am I Now?

Posted: August 11, 2012 in Technique

About a year ago I posted a list of techniques that I been taught by that point. I haven’t been keeping track with pen and paper since then (so this may be missing a lot) but what follows is an updated list for those keeping score.


  1. Left Straight Punch (jab)
  2. Cross-Body Punch (cross)
  3. Uppercut (left and right)
  4. Hammerfist to Side (with and without pushing/eyes closed)
  5. Forward Hammerfist
  6. Left Hook
  7. Spear jab
  8. Palm Strikes
  9. Bobbing and Weaving
  10. Focus Mitt Combos
  11. Advancing Punches
  12. Receding Punches


  1. 360 Defenses
  2. Turning into the Fight with Combatives
  3. Getting up from Ground
  4. Sparring, sparring, and more sparring
  5. Multiple attacker drills


  1. Horizontal High Elbow
  2. Sideways Elbow Strike
  3. Vertical Elbow Strike Forward and Upward
  4. Horizontal Elbow Strike Backward
  5. Horizontal Elbow Strike Backward Low
  6. Vertical Elbow Strike Backward
  7. Vertical Elbow Strike Forward and Down
  8. Diagonal Downward Elbow


  1. Groin Kick (of course!)
  2. Front Kick
  3. Front Kick – Vertical Target (left and right)
  4. 180 Kick (left and right)
  5. Side Kick (with and without step)
  6. Rear Kick (left and right)
  7. Teep (left and right)
  8. Inside Slap Kick
  9. Diagonal Downward Round Kick


  1. Knee strikes (Muay Thai and Krav Maga)


  1. Front Choke Break (eyes open and closed)
  2. Side Choke Break (eyes open and closed)
  3. Rear Choke Break (eyes open and closed)
  4. Jujitsu Front Choke Break
  5. One-armed Choke from Behind


  1. Muay Thai Front Clinch
  2. Side Clinch with Knee Strikes
  3. Monkey Bar Clinch

Bear Hugs

  1. Bear Hug from Rear (arms pinned and not pinned)
  2. Bear Hug from Rear being Lifted
  3. Bear Hug from Front (arms pinned and not pinned)

Kali Sticks (yes, I know this isn’t pure Krav Maga…)

  1. Various one-on-one practice drills

Ground Defense

  1. Ground Defense on Back (spinning to follow attacker)

Knife Defense

  1. Attacks from Front and Side

Gun Defense

  1. Gun to Forehead
  2. Gun to Side – both sides (in front and behind arm)
  3. Gun to Back of Head
  4. Gun to Chest

All in all, quite a lot so far. It’s great the there is so much repetition and so many reviews of past lessons as I am a bit slow on the uptake most times. Here’s to another year or new moves!

Images all courtesy of the KMW Training Centers site.

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