About Krav Maga Journey

‘We do not receive wisdom; we must discover it for ourselves after a journey that no one can take for us or spare us.’ – Marcel Proust

At the start of this blog in mid 2011 I was a 42 year old American man living in New England.  I put together this blog after researching various martial arts and being drawn to Krav Maga.  I was a little frustrated by the lack of information on the web about the style, particularly information about what the style involved from a training standpoint.  Yeah, you can find videos of master practitioners demonstrating techniques on willing students and seemingly endless clips from videos for sale but there was a definite gap there that I thought I could fill.  Even if no one visited the site it would serve as a cathartic diary for me, tracing my steps along the way (hopefully some day!) to a black belt in the style.

I am no super-athlete breezing through the ranks or a member of some elite special forces who yawns through drills and sparring.  I am merely a middle-aged guy looking to attain a higher fitness level, regain my sense of dedication and confidence, get off many of my medications, learn some valuable self-defense skills, and meet some new people with similar goals.

If you are reading this you have either inadvertently stumbled upon the blog with no interest and will be leaving the site momentarily or you are someone interested in Krav Maga as a student or soon-to-be student.  If you are in the latter camp it’s my lucky day.  I hope you stick around for my journey and find inspiration or at least a couple of laughs — probably at my expense — along the way.

Hey, I’m no expert (yet) and am always learning myself but if there’s anything on your mind you’d like to ask please don’t hesitate. I would be thrilled to answer whatever I can and provide you with my perspective, for what it’s worth.

Whatever is on your mind, let it rip!

Click here to submit your questions.

If I get enough people submitting questions I’m planning on putting together a future post highlighting some questions (anonymously of course!). Let me know if you are okay with me including yours.krav maga self-defense mma fighting journey martial arts Haganah Imi Sde’Or Anti-Terrorism Forces Rhon Mizrachi Yitzhk Sadeh CT707 Imrich “Imi” Lichtenfeld darren levine kmww kmw commando

  1. andyflatt says:

    Looks like we are writing similar blogs. Looking forward to reading your articles.

  2. I love your blog! Your weight loss is amazing, and I applaud you for getting your message out there. Krav Maga is an incredible defense system, and the workouts/drilling/training are intense! Although I’ve been focused on BJJ for the past 8-9 months, I can’t wait for the turn of the year when I can re-evaluate our gym’s calendar and work Krav back into my training regimen.

    In the mean time, please keep up the great blog!! Cheers, Kris

  3. I enjoyed your blog and will look forward to see your krav progress as well as mine, I was actually looking to see what people say about training krav maga at a certain age and I stumbled here.
    I started training krav about 6 months ago in London UK for very similar reason as yours. I soon realized that most students are much younger than me in my classes in fact I didn’t see many 46 year old there yet.. So sometime I ask myself the question “is this healthy for my age?” but then I never felt better in my life, I have lost a considerable amount of weight, got into healthy food and cycling and running when im not doing krav and I think krav did contribute to this ‘change for the better’. I think i’ve just answered my question.. 😀
    Anyway keep up the good habits!
    Take care

    • That’s fantastic! Thanks for the note. Keep on training and I’d be curious how it goes as the years go by. I think we both have at least 10 – 15 years of solid Krav Maga left in us — at least!!

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