I am compiling Guides to add to your knowledge of Krav Maga and help in your early training so you get the most of Krav Maga classes.  These Guides are significantly more detailed than my blog articles and are meant to be useful, practical documents that you can download to your Kindle and carry along with you for reference. Think of this as spotting me a cup of coffee at your favorite local coffee shop (that one with the overstuffed sofas that plays that soft jazz) in exchange for a friendly and informative chat about Krav Maga.

In these Guides you will have many (I hope most!) of your burning questions answered — and the best part?  There’s no need to take a notebook to the coffee shop to jot down notes! It’s all there for you, neatly typed out and organized clearly for your reference!  I’ve put a lot of thought into this material and have sweated over the contents, the structure, and the very nominal cost. It’s all there and I’m proud of the results.

Dozens of Guides have been sold over the past few weeks with more every day.  Let me know what you think. Your opinion matters!

ATTENTION Kindle Fearing Folk: You might not have a Kindle device but never fear, Amazon makes many different flavors of the Kindle software which is downloadable to your smartphone, IPod, IPad, tablet, or computer.  See here for more information: Free Kindle Reading Apps.

Available Guides

newWhat to Expect When Starting Krav Magabuy me

This 71-page Guide is targeted at new students and prospective students evaluating Krav Maga to see if it might be right for them.

In an approachable style, this guide offers answers many burning questions students will have and provides insightful guidance and 41 practical tips sure to get them the most out of their training.

Two useful bonuses include a Cheat Sheet of tips for easy reference and email access to the author for any additional follow-up questions the student may have after reading the guide.




Coming Soon!

  • The KMJ Guide to Choosing a School
  • The KMJ Guide to Buying Equipment
  • The KMJ Guide to Sparring
  • The KMJ Guide to Testing

Stay tuned!


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