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As o4f June 1st, I have been training in Krav Maga for 4 years. In some ways it seems like it’s been an eternity, in other ways it seems like I only just started. Some techniques that seemed impossible as a White Belt are second nature and require no conscious thought to perform today. Same goes with many of our exercises. I remember so vividly when I was starting out how hard it was to simply hold a plank. It was common at the end of class for us to be instructed to hold a plank a full minute and there I’d be, trembling and shuddering under the strain to keep it together. I never did end up getting to a full minute in those first several months but, over time, that and so many other things I once thought impossible have opened up to me. (more…)

First Lesson, Deconstructed

Posted: June 2, 2011 in Class

As said before, yesterday’s introductory one-on-one lesson went rather smoothly, if I do say so myself (it’s my blog and I can).  I had envisioned a quick sit-down explanation, segueing into a quick lesson, and capped off a presentation of the dreaded COST.  It went pretty much as I thought with no surprises.

First, I was fitted with a T-shirt and long, heavy black pants (Gahh!!  It’s Summer and hot as hell).  Took a few tries to get the right size but in time I found myself waiting to be called in next.

The “quick sitdown” was very quick indeed with a brief conversation of what brought me in.  Turns out I was in there for a lot of the same reasons other students have been: to get back in shape in a more regimented routine as a gym visit just wasn’t cutting the mustard.  I want to lose weight and get off my meds.  Let’s face it, I am overweight and do an awful lot of sitting on my ass 9-5.  I also want to pick up something practical along the way (i.e. self-defense).   (more…)