2016 Will Be Your Best Year Ever

Posted: January 1, 2016 in Belt Test, Goals, Sparring

Goal_SettingJanuary 1 does not possess any mystical powers and is no more special than any other day of the year but it’s as good as any to reflect on how far we’ve come, and more importantly, where we’re going.

So here we are in 2016. I’m committing to paper lots of new and updated personal training goals — both in and out of the dojo — and want to push the limits in 2016. 

  1. Training with my kick ass daughter. A big motivator for me in 2016 is seeing the testing process through someone else’s eyes. My daughter is gearing up for her foray into Boot Camp early in the year and will be entering her test cycle for her final test in early Summer. Not only am I proud of her accomplishments but I am also excited to take part in her gearing up for the ordeal. Deep down, I know that, no matter how much I train with her to get her prepared, nothing external to you prepares you for the trial. It comes down to your own heart, drive, and dedication — the willingness to push yourself farther than you’ve ever gone before and do whatever it takes to get your goal.
  2. Testing for Second Degree.  If all goes as planned, barring anything unforeseen and assuming I perform to the expectations of the school, I will be testing for my second degree later in the year. Starting out in 2011 as a White Belt, it oddly seems both like that was yesterday and a lifetime ago.  My first degree, earned in Dec. 2014, is still fresh in my mind and the pride, sense of accomplishment, and emotions I was flooded with on graduation night still haven’t fully diminished. Nor has the memory of the brutal final test that pushed me and my fellow test mates to their limits. It was rough. And as I hear it, the second degree test is all that the first degree was plus a whole lot more — many cycles spilling that final test over to a second day (so, testing both Saturday and Sunday of a weekend).
  3. Improving my Ground Defense. 2016 is the year of upping my ground game. As with 2014 when I was preparing for Boot Camp the first time around, it’s unlikely I’ll risk the injuries (pulls, tears, and strains) of BJJ training but this year is supposed to feature some great ground techniques in our curriculum and I look forward to it as a welcome change of pace.
  4. Sparring, sparring, sparring. Frequent readers of this blog will know about my passion for sparring. It’s a high energy way to put your reaction, technique, fight IQ, and endurance to the test in a controlled and somewhat competitive environment. I intend to take part in more Saturday morning sparring clinics (where I was unable to last year for scheduling reasons). If the latter part of of last year is any indication, I’ll be seeing more sparring in class, which is a bonus.

What are your goals? Lose weight? Train more? Perfect your Thai kicks? Log a comment below and let the world know (hey, this also holds you more accountable!).

Good health and happy training in 2016. Onward and upwards!



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