I’m Just This Guy, You Know?

Posted: May 27, 2011 in General

This blog is an open book about a normal 42-year old guy looking to get back into shape and learn a handy self-defense form in the process.  In considering what style to take and where to take it I have been looking around online a bit to glean whatever I can from people who have been where I am now.  No luck.

It’s my intent, then, to provide a running diary of sorts.  Cave paintings on the wall.  A time capsule.  Whatever.  You get the gist.  Something that documents the experience and hopefully provides some insight to people down the road who find themselves in the same place I am as of this writing.

Along the way I expect that this process might be therapeutic for me as well.  A nice way to get down what it is I am going through.  A kind of catharsis.

Anyhow, people of the future.  If this finds you at a point in your life where you are considering Krav Maga and aren’t sure what to expect, I hope this opens the door a crack to let you peek in and understand what to expect from the experience.

Best of luck and happy reading!

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