Green Belt Achieved!

Posted: October 2, 2012 in Belt Test, Belts

Whew. After another arduous three months and lots of bumps and bruises I passed through to the other side and am now a Green Belt.

This cycle has been filled with lots of bear hug variations and neat takedowns. We were introduced to the Escrima/Kali sticks to focus on our striking technique and sharpen our perception of the opponent commencing an attack. We jacked up our aggression drills to levels I didn’t think I’d be able to participate a year ago.

Sparring. Lots of sparring. We’ve got some new techniques and built up some more endurance in this area, which is nice, and I never tire of learning more.

More reflections on the way over the coming weeks.

  1. lascarletcat says:

    Krav Maga doesn’t have a belt system…right? Doesn’t it use small badges instead?

    • Hi. It depends on the school really. I think, in general, schools do not have any kind of system in place and those that do tend to use patches. If you want to read more about my particular school’s belt system you can go here.

  2. […] — with the exception of maybe Black, everyone’s ultimate goal. As a result, Blue and Green belts came and went without much fanfare. I worked my tail off for those belts. Believe me. It […]

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