Blue Belt Achieved!

Posted: June 25, 2012 in Belt Test, Belts

20120625-222052.jpgWhew! Made it. After a tough three months I am one step closer to my ultimate goal.

Some reflections are to come. First, I gotta get some ice.

  1. Great job! on to the next belt.

  2. CBJ Music says:

    Congrats! Keep on keepin’ on!!!

  3. […] students — with the exception of maybe Black, everyone’s ultimate goal. As a result, Blue and Green belts came and went without much fanfare. I worked my tail off for those belts. Believe […]

  4. […] Blue – Hey, I’m no longer fresh meat in the Advanced class — there’s another group behind me now. Getting more comfortable sparring and getting extra sparring time alternating Friday nights. Taking on Muay Thai and getting more breadth. Better start running. […]

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