Great Workout Outside of Class

Posted: July 6, 2011 in Class, Exercise

Since our school is closed this week due to Summer break a few students and I met up at the local YMCA which fortunately has loads of pads in one of the aerobics rooms.  They evidently do some kickboxing classes now and then so were equipped with tombstones, focus pads, and punching bags. We knew we weren’t anywhere near qualified to run our own class but it was still a great opportunity for us to work on several techniques we felt needed some work.

The presence of the instructors was sorely missed to be sure, but what I found useful about this kind of workout was the opportunity to slow it down and discuss the techniques with fellow students.  I came to find out that some of the same issues I was having were also common with them.  This was reassuring in a way but it also put some focus on that area as well and let us all know that some more attention to that area was warranted.  It was a good chance to really think about what it was that we were learning and take it at our own pace for a change.  I wouldn’t alter a thing about the intensity that we usually train with but as a rare change of pace outside the dojo this was really an interesting workout.

I can’t wait to get back.  I have some questions to bring back to training next week that, until last night, I didn’t even know I had.  Thanks to the guys for the great workout and some new perspectives on this great martial arts form.

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